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About us

Fortune Growth Trading Co.,Ltd is one of leading company on field of Feed Additive in China , We have professional team to promote our company growing steadily and rapidly and products are exported to many continents,in view of our perfect service, superior quality of the goods,

good business standing, We have won high appreciation among the foreign clients.

At the same time, We also established a stable stock base. We can supply the goods promptly as per your request.

Our products sell well in the Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and more than 30 countries and regions, which give us a solid position in this field for more harvest.We are ready to help you to achieve your goals to  create a win-win situation benefiting both you and your customers




Contact: Kim

Phone: 86 15634680777

Tel: 86 536 2239099

Email: kim@sdfortunegrowth.com

Add: Room 1708,Incubation center,Shengcheng Street,Shouguang City,Shandong Province,China

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